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HAJ Salon


HAJ Salon

* HAJ is the Hungarian word meaning HAIR *

HAJ Salon was founded in 2017 by Zsolt Kürti and Chelsea Zerjav. Our hair salon is conveniently located on the corner of Calhoun Street and East Bay Street in Charleston, with ample parking for clients. Our 850 square foot space is located in a beautiful historic southern home, with an upbeat and modern interior. 


At HAJ Salon, our passion is to educate our clients and staff on the most current trends in haircutting & hair coloring with a natural beauty approach. Our renowned international hair stylists and warm staff invite you to our fresh beauty haven where you can truly relax and enjoy the pampering that you deserve. 

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HAJ Salon |  Caty Bauer | Hair Salon
HAJ Salon | European Hair Color Class
HAJ Salon | Zsolt Kürti I Color + Cut
HAJ Salon | Zsolt Kürti I Haircut
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